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How to Find the Best Doctors for Total Hip Replacement in Delhi?

Problems in the hip joints can cause significant pain and hamper your mobility. Though, Osteoarthritis is the cause of hip joint damage in most scenarios, but it may also be caused by conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and injury, fracture or bone tumors. In the past years, hip replacement surgery was reserved for patients over 60 years only. But nowadays, it is conducted on much younger people too. Modern day technology has improved the quality of artificial parts, which now last longer and can endure more stress and strain. If you choose one of the best hospitals for hip replacement in Delhi you can experience a significant decrease in pain, better mobility thus improving your quality of life and ability to engage in many daily activities.


The total hip replacement surgery is a 1-2 hour long procedure in which the surgeon makes an incision on the side of hip and removes the problematic bone tissue and cartilage from the joint. But the healthy parts of the joint are kept intact. The head of acetabulum and femur is replaced with artificial parts. These artificial parts are made of materials that allow the natural motions of the joint. But before you decide to undergo a surgery, it is important to seek consultation from any of the reputed doctors for total hip replacement in Delhi. This will make sure that the surgery is successful and there are least side effects.

If you want information on doctors or hospitals for total hip replacement in Delhi then use the Surgivisor app or website. You will be able to learn all that you need to know and make an informed choice.

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